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Fiat Tipo SW 52.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW 52.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW 39.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW 39.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW 71.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW 71.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW rear 46.jpeg
Fiat Tipo SW rear 46.jpeg

The Tipo four came Fiat end of 2015 after a long period play back in the C-segment, yet the Italians expect mainly a lot of five-door hatchback and practical station wagon !

Who already slightly longer life on this Blue Planet might know the Fiat Tipo 1989 still a cute compact Italian who even made ​​it to world car of the year. More than 25 years after that impressive performance makes the Fiat Tipo name revived with a three model range in the C-segment where she still stayed away for several years. The Tipo sedan we saw at the Brussels Motor Show in January, and does it better than the Italians had even dared dream hope with 22,000 copies sold in the next few months getting less popular variant (still to European standards) accompanied by a compact five-door / hatchback (June) and practical station wagon (September). Which version you choose, each Tipo was designed with simplicity, functionality and personality in mind - skills, no thrills the applicable baseline - without that you can see from the sharp price as a (negative) discount factor. As the Spanish airline Vueling like advertises, low cost = cost smart!

Short Tested: Fiat Tipo Tipo hatchback + Station Wagon (2016)

While the four-door sedan classic boot inherits the five-door and station wagon follow the logic with a compact body construction and big boot for the first and bigger suitcase for the second. Visually the Tipo is a lot less cute than the iconic 500 but the car still holds some charm and charisma thanks to the fresh design language. Various elements of it (large grille, side character line, subtle spoiler . . . ) are more functional than mere gimmicks, the Centro Stile design team can look back with satisfaction at the work done. Fiat would fiat they were not allowed to be with the Tipo offer a wide range in terms of options, as there are eight available body colors and 15 ", 16" or 17 "wheels. The MOPAR catalog there are still various accessories to bring your whole Tipo taste.

Short Tested: Fiat Tipo Tipo hatchback + Station Wagon (2016)Short Tested: Fiat Tipo Tipo hatchback + Station Wagon (2016)

Inside we also get a pleasant and fresh whole though we have to look very long to frivolity, yet a strange feeling in the otherwise funky Fiat. The seats are good, there is plenty of rear legroom (even for the older ones among us) and in the boot fits 440 liters of luggage. Are you "mover" as a profession or have more family emergency to boot, the Tipo Station Wagon can handle 550 liters of luggage and double raft with transforming the backseat to a flat load floor with the Magic Cargo Space ! The handy UConnect system is also employed by the Tipo's final responsibility "Navigation & Infotainment", it is completely incorporated here bigger and beautiful in contrast to the Tipo Saloon. Who wants to can opt for an even greater variation for the first time available in even better shape with touchscreen capabilities, HD screen, Tom Tom Live Services (strobes, traffic . . . ), Apple CarPlay / Android Car . . . As with any digital novelty it is looking just before the well is in the fingers but we do not expect problems for the - digital - Generation Y! The build quality, ergonomics, placement and materials are very good - especially if you back takes a look at the price list - though it's certainly not flawless with some odd choices for various plastics in places where you get a lot in contact (door panel).

Short Tested: Fiat Tipo Tipo hatchback + Station Wagon (2016)Short Tested: Fiat Tipo Tipo hatchback + Station Wagon (2016)

The Fiat Tipo Tipo Hatchback and Station Wagon are available with modern / known petrol and diesel engines all meet the Euro 6 standard: one with a 1. 4-liter (95 hp) and 1. 6-liter (110 hp with automatic transmission) petrol engine a 1. 3-liter (95 hp) or 1. 6-liter (120 hp) diesel MultiJet! Especially with the latter coming new Tipo's the best advantage thanks to a generous 320 Nm of torque, in terms of figures the other hand, is probably never exciting. A 0-100 km / h sprint takes 10 seconds and 200 km / h is done with acceleration. The fuel tank measuring 50 liters and the theoretical consumption of 4. 4 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers calculate your best a liter in real terms (which still is not bad), with CO2 emissions of 98 g / km tax you not too much punished. Especially for business customers Fiat also has a business version of the Tipo discounted by 89 g / km CO2!

During a first meeting behind the wheel of the Tipo hatchback ( "hatchback") and Tipo Station Wagon ( "Break") in the beautiful and sunny area of Turin attacked us directly some things up later, we feel this year for sure these important vehicles yet once the tooth in Belgium. In insulation Fiat achieved great results, almost no external sound impression penetrates inside! The sixteen diesel does well its job in terms of power delivery, consumption and flexibility, though you will undoubtedly have to get used to the remote braking point and the loose gear. In addition, the Tipo's unpack a pleasant and comfortable ride can without stabbing too much to drop when we speed - and turn ratio - managed to increase thanks to the new platform that the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X use. Expect tons now no driving pleasure and the accompanying smile at the Tipo, therefore we have to hope for an Abarth version. In terms of safety getting this Fiat (optional) include adaptive cruise control, emergency braking assistant, Hill Start Assist and with an automatic braking system. Innovative systems (dynamic lighting, lane assistance) which today already well established in the C-segment remain completely absent . .

The Fiat Tipo hatchback will soon be found in many concessionaires from 15,500, slightly higher rummage in Joy, Easy and Lounge trim level or one of the many select packs ensures that the final starting price will still turn out a lot higher than what the Italians claimed initially purchased. The designated 1. 6 MultiJet and some options you already sitting at 20,000 where the competition also dwells . . That role according to Fiat itself with the new Opel Astra , new Renault Megane , Ford Focus and Co! Prices for the Tipo Station Wagon later this year and will logically (slightly) higher than the five-door version.

With a wide - and competitively priced - Fiat Tipo family finally has a logical answer to all their customers that their new family circumstances Cinquecento be exchanged for something more practical and accessible. This no-nonsense Tipo fortunately still drawn somewhat passionate, you also have little to complain in terms of interior finish and space. With a healthy and comfortable driving Fiat Tipo puts them in good light, the ideal - but also direct a pack expensive - partner in crime , the 1. 6 MultiJet which combines smooth performance with an economical and pleasant disposition!

+ Range Extension
+ Fresh looks
+ Spacious interior
+ Pleasant 1. 6 Multijet
+ Comfortable / adult behavior
+ UConntect infotainment system
+ Good insulation

+/- Very competitive starting price, can run up quickly

- Fiat Tipo Station Wagon will fit the end of 2016
- Poor performance 1. 4 T-Jet petrol engine
- interior material mix

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